Five Star Coupons is a business coupon site which supports all types of businesses who wish to:

  • Offer incentives for their products and services from within their website and offsite via the Five Star Coupons site as well as Google
  • List their business/products and promotions in a searchable & Google indexed directory of active business coupons and promotions (nice legal backlink)
  • Make use of an interactive coupon display widget on their website and landing pages to promote signups, sales and conversions.
  • Get a Five Star Coupon SERP

Get a Google Coupon SERP For YOU & Your Customers

We will be submitting the Coupon Showcase Page of each Five Star Coupon user to Google for indexing.  In combination with your profile, keywords & Meta Description, we build a unique HTML Title which result in a Google Coupon SERP which will look like following:

Get a Google Coupon SERP

The above image is an example.  We will be replacing VocalReferences and its address with your business name, address & HTML Description.

How to Sign Up?

If you or your customers are interested in trying out our new product for free, go to, click on the SignUp link on the top menu and add your first coupon.

If you are an Agency, contact us at and we will set you up with an agency account so that you can easily add your customers to this new service from one page.  Check out our Agency FAQ for more information.

Is There A Charge For Using Five Star Coupons?

There is no charge to use the beta version of our product. All we ask is that you give us feedback to our product. You can do so by email us at or join our VocalReferences Facebook Group and leave a comment.

Are There Any Drawbacks To The Beta Version?

No. You have full access to create, edit and delete as many coupons as you wish. The only catch is that if you find a bug, send us a message and we will fix it. If you have ideas on how we can improve the site, we will take those too!!

What You Need to Do to Maximize The Benefits?

The more information you provide us, the more effective your business coupons will become. Within your Account Profile:

  • Fill out as much as the info as requested.
  • Provide us with your most interested keywords
  • Select a category which best describes your business.

The Importance of Your Business Category & Keywords

Within the setup of your Five Star Coupons account you have the ability to specify the category of your business or product, keywords to which you are looking to rank and a description of your business or product. This data will be used to build your unique Coupon Showcase Page and URL.

Each Coupon Showcase Page will have a unique url under the domain, where we will include your Business/Product Name and your keywords.

We will be submitting the entire repository of coupons on a regular basis to Google for indexing.

Geo & Business Category Pages

As we build out the repository of businesses offering coupons we will also be building category and geographic specific pages which we will submit to Google separately for indexing to further promote your coupons and business.

Our goal is to become a lead generator to your business via these valuable coupons.

As this is a beta version of the product we will be looking over the short term to further enhance the product, so feedback is greatly appreciated.

Getting Started

Interested in giving us a whirl.  Learn more from our Getting Started page.

Who are we?

We started our company VocalReferences about 4 years ago. We make it easy for businesses to capture and display reviews and testimonials from their happy customers and then use them as a marketing tool to drive more site traffic and higher conversions.

Our product works with text AND video, on desktops and mobile devices. We our proud to have over 18,000 business customers worldwide (and growing). is a continuation of our strategy to bring good, effective and cost sensitive solutions to the SMB market. Check us out at

Why We Built Five Star Coupons

The vision behind this site is to provide businesses with an easy way to build coupons and have them promoted via their websites, our website and Google.

Ultimately we hope your coupons and our coupon pages will become a great lead generator and conversion tool for you and your customers’ businesses.